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Uncapped vs. Capped Internet Print

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A capped connection means you have a limited amount of data available to consume over a specific time period (usually a month). Your capped amount is not the same as your line speed. Your line speed determines how quickly a webpage will load or how quickly a file will download whereas your “capped” value determines how many files you can download. Imagine a vehicle – the size of the engine (line speed) determines how fast the vehicle will travel and the size of the petrol tank (capped value) determines how far the vehicle can travel.

Uncapped means you have an unlimited amount of data available to consume. There is no overall limit to how much data you can use. It is important to note that some Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) have a monthly “threshold” value. Although you can still consume data past the threshold, your line speed may be affected through throttling or shaping policies. Consider the vehicle example above. The only difference is that the petrol tank contains an unlimited amount of petrol (Uncapped), effectively meaning that it can drive forever. However, once a certain distance (threshold) has been reached, the vehicles speed will be reduced.

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