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Welcome to Web Squad Reseller Hosting

Ok so you've now purchased a Linux cPanel Reseller Plan from Web Squad. If you are still a bit lost with respect to how it all works below we will discuss how it all works.

Firstly understand that to have a website online you need a domain. You also need a web hosting space where you upload a website or website files to. We allow unlimited websites to be loaded to your plan.

So what does WHM Reseller Hosting give you?

Well you can create your own plans same we we offer at:


and sell them to end users exactly the same way.

So firstly login to the reseller accounts WHM panel.

Usually its something like https://servername:2087 or http://yourdomain/whm

Once logged in create your hosting plans as described here:


Then once done you can create your accounts:


Creating an account creates a "space" or "cpanel account" for the domain you will still need to purchase.

Ok now that you've done that and created your cpanel account you could login there with the username and password you just filled in by going to:

List Accounts in the left menu and then clicking on the cpanel account icon.

Ok how do I get it go live?

Well as stated before you need a web hosting account. Seeing as you created one already we past that. Now we just need our domain.

So go to:


Go to Domains and "Register a New Domain" option. If you will be transferring one instead select transfer option.

Fill in the Name Servers records which tell the domain the website or dns zone exists on the cpanel Name Servers:


Once completed order and pay for it. If you receive the domain has been successfully registered email it may take 4 to 8 hours from then for the domain to be active.

Once that is done log back into WHM / cPanel. Create email accounts or website or upload your website files and the site should be online.

This is the basics to WHM Reseller Hosting.

Also note resellers get local SA domains at a discounted rates :)
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