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Minor | Degraded latency | Multiple Submarine Cable Breaks (Pågående) Låg

Gällande Övrigt - Minor | Degraded latency | Multiple Submarine Cable Breaks

  • 14/03/2024 13:00
  • Senast Uppdaterad 17/04/2024 11:18

Network Notice 


POINT OF IMPACT: SEACOM, WACS and ACE Undersea Cable Systems

REASON: Cable failure

STATUS: Repairs Underway


Kindly note that we have lost WACS and ACE international capacity due to suspected shunt fault or fiber cut. In addition, SEACOM remains down. Some of our international traffic will experience higher latency and possible packet loss due to congestion on alternative EASSY and EQUIANO paths.


Web sQuad's transit paths are all operating at 100% without losses.


In addition, various locally peered cloud networks, eg. EA, Cloudflare and a few others are currently partly/entirely isolated and de-peered or limited peering. Certain services will experience increased latencies and possibly slower performance as a result.


Please accept our sincere appreciation for your understanding in this regard