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FRG2112766: Network Impact Notification - Planned Change (запланировано)

Затрагивает сервер - CloudDrive | Приоритет - высокий

Dear Frogfoot Customer,

Please be advised of the following Standard maintenance:

Change Request Reference:


Change Title:

EVPN config improvements | Cape Town

Maintenance Type:


Maintenance Description:

EVPN config improvements, network upgrades

Technical Description:

EVPN config improvements, network upgrades

Impact Description:

Intermittent connectivity

Reason for change:

Network Upgrades

Probability of customer impact:


Maintenance Date and Time:

2022-05-24 22:00:00.0 to 2022-05-25 07:30:00.0

Change Status:

Planned Change

We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.The possible clients affected, if any can be found within the attached spreadsheet.


Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our support desk:

Дата - 13/05/2022 13:18 - 25/05/2022 13:18

Обновлено - 13/05/2022 13:20

Vumatel | Kuils Rivier | POP outage (актуально)

Затрагивает другое - Vumatel | Kuils Rivier | POP outage | Приоритет - критический

Network Incident Reference:


Network Incident Description:

PoP down

Network Incident Grade:


Area/s Affected:

Kuilsrivier South

Network Type Affected:

 Active Ethernet

Current Resident Impact:

Residents have no connectivity

Current Network Incident Status:

11:00: The PoP has been damaged by fire.  The required teams are on site assessing the damages incurred.  


Once the assessment has been completed, we will reconvene to agree on the resolution plan.


13:30: The damage assessment is completed.


Engineers are preparing to do the following:

#  Implementing a temporary power feed

#  Restoring the permanent power supply feed

#  Pulling slack and re-splicing the damaged fibres

#  Start testing active equipment to determine which were and which were not damaged


Дата - 08/05/2022 09:30

Обновлено - 08/05/2022 17:12