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Rustenburg Outage (Em Progresso)

Afectando Outro - Network Outage | Prioridade - Alta

Dear Value Clients,


I trust this finds you well 


Please note that we experiencing an outage in Rustenburg 


Our technicians are investigating the issue 


We apologies for the inconvenience 


We will be in contact as soon as we have feedback 


Kind Regards



Data - 01/12/2021 16:08

Última Actualização - 01/12/2021 16:11

TT CONNECT - SERVICE INTERRUPTION NOTICE: Parts of Rynfield, Benoni. (Em Progresso)

Afectando Outro - General Outage | Prioridade - Critica

Good Day,



We are experiencing the following network incident.


We are currently experiencing no connectivity / limited service in parts of Rynfield, Benoni... including Millburn Street, and surrounding streets are affected.


We have dispatched a technician and confirmed that the exchange in this area is down due to a Power outage currently taking place and our backup batteries have depleted.




Data - 23/11/2021 04:41

Última Actualização - 23/11/2021 08:01

Network Incident #7214 | Fibre Break | Honeydew Ridge (Em Progresso)

Afectando Outro - Fibre Break | Prioridade - Critica

Good Day,


We are experiencing the following network incident.



Network Incident Reference:


Network Incident Description:

Fibre Break

Network Incident Grade:


Region Affected:


Area/s Affected:

Honeydew Ridge

Network Type Affected:


Current Resident Impact:

Residents have no connectivity

Current Network Incident Status:

Technicians are still busy with repairs

Data - 22/11/2021 09:28

Última Actualização - 22/11/2021 10:26

Vumatel | Brenthurst | FibreBreak (Em Progresso)

Afectando Outro - Vumatel | Brenthurst | FibreBreak | Prioridade - Critica

Vumatel Event ID:


Current Status:

Repair In Progress


Event Type: Network Incident

Reason: Fibre Break


Service Impact: Impact: No connectivity

Product Type/s: Vuma Core

Network Type/s: Active Ethernet

Data - 19/11/2021 17:19

Última Actualização - 20/11/2021 10:22