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Frogfoot | Western Cape | Intermittent Connectivity (Résolution en cours)

Concerne Autre - Frogfoot | Western Cape | Intermittent Connectivity | Priorité - Critique

Change Title: Emergency| EVPN Config upgrade | Core Switch | Cape Town - ROLL BACK

Maintenance Type: Emergency

Maintenance Description: Redeploy previous configuration and test - This is a rollback of change FRG2112766 (EVPN config improvements | Cape Town) in an attempt to stabilize the network while our vendor is investigating.

Technical Description: - ROLL BACK - Redeploy previous config script, and test. Cape Town Switches are currently being impacted by a software anomaly. The vendor is investigating, and will advise of future config deployments

Impact Description: Intermittent connectivity, with periods of hard down between 1-2 hours.

Date - 02/06/2022 07:00

Dernière mise à jour - 02/06/2022 08:33